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Here at ARC innovation Digital Solutions, we acknowledge the fact that not everyone is an IT specialist. Therefore we offer tailor-made services to give you a chance to thrive online while keeping your full authenticity…!

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4 Reasons why online presence is so important on today’s market ?

1. Make it Easier for Potential Customers Come to You

Today, if someone wants more information about a company, they’re most likely to do their research online. Whether they’re specifically looking for your company, or they just want to find any company that offers the products or services that your company offers, having an online presence will give you a competitive edge. Potential customers will not put a lot of effort into finding you, and they should not have to. A simple Google search should provide them with all the information they seek.

Real-life example: Your business distributes seafood, meats, fine wines and other spirits. A potential customer is having an impromptu family get-together and needs a few bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and some shrimp.  She uses her smartphone to search for “wine and seafood in Jamaica”. Your company’s website is listed in the search results. After browsing your site, she’s satisfied that you can provide her with what she needs. You’ve just earned another customer!

2. Make it Easier to Showcase Your Products and Services

The Internet gives businesses an effective platform for showcasing what they have to offer. Whether it’s a portfolio and testimonials from clients on a website or an album on a Facebook page with photos of your newest products, it has never been easier to let the world know what you have to offer. With a few simple clicks, your customers can see what you’re all about. They can even do this outside of business hours! An online presence is an extension of your brand that never sleeps.  

3. Make it Easier to Build Relationships with Customers & Potential Customers

Social media is all about building relationships. It is valid for both individuals and businesses. Social media gives your brand a voice – it makes your company more “human” and relatable. Customers and potential customers can interact with your brand on a more personal level. It also allows you to get to know your customers honestly. If everyone is on social media except you, you are missing out on an invaluable opportunity to connect and communicate with your target audience. Social media is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to get persons interested in your company and to form real relationships with real people.

4. Make it Easier to Market Your Brand

Websites and social media platforms are excellent marketing tools. They are also some of the most cost-effective methods of sending out information to thousands of people. Online marketing is crucial for all businesses because it has a considerable influence on the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Moderns consumers have even indicated that they look at companies in a negative light if they cannot find them online. Using the internet for marketing purposes allows you to overcome distance barriers. Persons thousands of miles away can be learning all about your business with just a few keystrokes. The “shareability” of social media allows your customers to quickly spread the word about your company to all their friends. Ultimately, online marketing will enable you to market your brand in creative and exciting ways.

Modern businesses must ensure that they are not left behind. An online presence is one of the most important investments that a company can make. The benefits are endless!

Customer Satisfaction is Key !

Customer satisfaction keeps your brand ahead of the competitors, promotes customer loyalty and reduces negative word of mouth…!

From Prospect to Customer !

Having a Website or a Web-Shop brings you a significant advantage in getting new customers and leading them to the services you want them to use…!

Let People Find You !

Being found in any situation is crucial to new customers and loyal customers so that they can access trusted information and sales database…!

Looking Professional is Key !

Looking credible is very important, so people feel safe and understand the added value they get by purchasing or using your product or service…!

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We offer tailor-made services for any industry. With attractive and affordable services start your next customers’ journey with your online presence now!

Let’s get the word out there on what, where, when your business offers its services or products!

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